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Jutta Brunsteiner (Portrait-photo by Susi Graf)
(Photo by Susi Graf)

Jutta Brunsteiner,

born in Salzburg; lives and works as
a visual artist in Salzburg and in Burgenland (Austria).


Master's degree in geography (University of Salzburg)
Teaching activities ('Musisches Gymnasium Salzburg', 'vhs Salzburg')

Education in arts

  • 'Internationale Sommerakademie Salzburg':
      Zhou Brothers
  • 'Mozarteum' University of Salzburg (as a guest student)
  • Mentors:
      Prof. Eduard Schmegner, Prof. Josef Zenzmaier, Prof. Karl Brandstätter

Studies & and projects abroad

Italy, Spain, Greece, USA, Canada, Oman, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Germany, Georgian Republic

Participation in arts symposia & competitions

  • Symposia in Antazave (Lithuania, 2015 & 2016)
  • International symposia in Antaliepte (Lithuania, 2011 & 2013)
  • 'EUregio Kunstpreis': Finalist in the category 'Photography' (400 participants; 2008)
  • International arts symposium 'Lungau Kultur' (Austria, 2006)

'Berufsvereinigung Bildender KünstlerInnen Österreichs'

Numerous projects and exhibitions at 'art bv Berchtoldvilla', as a member (since 2002) of the 'Berufsvereinigung Bildender KünstlerInnen Österreichs, BV Landesverband Salzburg' ('Professional Association of Visual Artists in Austria').

Exhibitions & projects

Recent projects…
Retrospective incl. information in detail…

studios abroad

Places und structures

Periodic work stays remote from the ‘daily routine’ of the home studio — a highly significant impetus for Jutta Brunsteiner's artistic approach and the creative motor.

International projects Top…

Jutta Brunsteiner: 'Auch bunt kann Schatten sein'
Auch bunt kann Schatten sein (Wiener Wohnatelier, 2018)
Wiener Wohnatelier (Vienna, 2017/18) Review
Tbilisi (Georgian Republic, 2017) Review
Antazave II (Lithuania: Symposium, 2016) Review
Alghero (Sardinia, 2015) Review
Grafikwerkstatt Dresden (Germany: 'AIR', 2015) Review
Antazave I (Lithuania: Symposium, 2015) Review
Antaliepte II (Lithuania: Symposium, 2013) Review
Vantaa (Finland: 'AIR', 2012) Review
Bosa (Sardinia, 2011) Review
Antaliepte I (Lithuania: Symposium, 2011) Review
VCCA – Virginia Center for the Creative Arts (USA: 'AIR', 2008) Review
Meran (South Tyrol: 'AIR', 2007) Review

The work stays in Bosa (Sardinia/2011), Tbilisi (Georgian Republic/2017) and at the 'Wiener Wohnatelier' (Vienna, 2017/18) were supported by 'Kultur Land Salzburg'.

The work stays in South Tyrol, USA, Finland and Germany were supported by 'KULTUR stadt:salzburg' and 'AIR – artists in residence' (an artist exchange-programme between Salzburg and its twin towns).

Secondary studio in Burgenland Top…

Jutta Brunsteiner: 'Nussbaumrinden: Am blauen Weg so'
Nussbaumrinden: Am blauen Weg so (2010)
Donnerskirchen: Pannonian summer-studio
For the warm summer seasons, I have found a very special location in Burgenland that enables me to fully focus on the creation of my arts: In the seclusiveness of an old vineyard barn (alone with cohabitating bats), I have all the space and facilities it takes, to produce my large-sized works. This place and its regional surroundings have been providing me with loads of inspiriation to experiment with various working methods and techniques, and scores of my serial works have come into being there, e.g. Philo, Sunflower and Nussbaumrinden.